One of the best ways to get started coding is to learn to code unplugged! By taking coding offline, it’s easy to focus on the basic concepts of coding, which are fundamental to learning to code. We’ve created a wide variety of creative unplugged coding activities to get your kids learning to code screen-free. Most of our activities require little prep and use simple household items you already have. Check out our most popular unplugged coding activities below.

Unplugged Coding Activities for Kids

It's easier than you think to get kids started with coding. These fun unplugged coding games are the perfect way to get started with coding at home or at school.

What are unplugged coding activities?

Unplugged coding activities refer to activities that teach the basic concepts of coding without the use of a screen. Explore the options we have for unplugged coding above.

How do you teach unplugged programming?

It’s easy to get started with unplugged coding. We can even teach the basics of programming with just a deck of cards! We’ll take you through our unplugged coding ideas step by step in the articles above.

How do I learn to code without a computer?

You can get started on the basic concepts of coding using our unplugged coding activities above. Eventually, to design more complex apps and computer programs you will need to take your coding experience online.

What is unplugged coding?

Unplugged coding refers to learning coding skills without the use of technology. We can teach the basic concepts of coding with just a deck of cards. Check out our ideas above!