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Best 3D Printers For Kids

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3D printing is a fun way to get your kids interested in STEM concepts from an early age. With 3D printing, kids learn creativity, design and engineering skills as well as problem solving. In fact, we’ve created a whole guide to 3D printing for kids here.

So what are the best 3D printers for kids? When shopping for a beginner 3D printer that is also kid-friendly we encourage you to focus on ease of use, setup and printing speed. These are all factors that are going to make 3D printing projects with kids more successful and enjoyable.

Here is our list of best 3D printers that are ideal for kids to use, as well as adults!


FLASHFORGE 3D Printer Finder 3 Glass Heating Bed with Removable PEI Surface and Magnetic Platform, Fully...*
  • ✅ 【Large Size & Direct Drive Extruder】Compared with Finder 2, the build volume of Finder 3 is increased by 270%. It increases the success rate of a perfect first layer and offers stronger compatibility and wider application range.
  • ✅ 【260℃ High Temperature Nozzle & Support Various Filament】High filament compatibility. More printing possibilities. Finder 3 3d printer shows great performance on 3d printing PLA/ABS/HIPS/PETG/PETG PRO/TPU 95A and etc.
  • ✅ 【Glass Platform & PEI Magnetic Build Plate】Good adhesion to the printed model and enables fast heating up of the heat bed. The build plates is not only durable but also flexible. Once the printing completes, users can remove the printed model effortlessly.

If you’re looking for a printer that you know you’ll be able to trust, then you’ll want to take a look at Flashforge’s Finder 3.0 3D printer model. This is the 3D printer that we use for our projects and we love it!

Thanks to its accessibility for both experienced and amateur 3D printing enthusiasts, for young and old hobby crafters alike, this model has gone on to be one of the most popular 3D printers on the market.

That has to stand for something!

With its innovative design and high-quality printing, Flashforge Finder 3D Printers are great for making small-scale prototypes, gifts, jewelry, and more!

It has all the features you need to produce professional-quality 3D models. The printer uses a slide-in build platform, so you can print almost anything.

The 3D printer comes with a color touch screen display with intuitive icons making it easy to operate.

This unit has a sturdy, plastic alloy construction, ensuring stability. The safe, non-heated build plate allows for printing without fear of burning your model.

The Wi-Fi, USB, and flash drive connectivity allow you to upload files directly from your computer.

The compact size of these printers means they are ideal for classrooms, dorm rooms, maker spaces, and anywhere else where space is limited.

If you are looking for a simple and convenient way to create 3D models, then the Flashforge Finder 3D Printer is just what you need.


  • Excellent build plate with a flexible option- Robust enough to be handled by kids, this is a plate that is safe and easy for pretty much anyone to handle.
  • An easily accessible model for enthusiasts of all ages – Every piece of interface this model has to offer is great for newcomers to 3D printing. From usability straight out of the box, to the easy calibration test, every step is great for demonstrating all the essential processes of a 3D printer to anyone, old or young!


  • Open printer – this printer is not enclosed which may be a safety concern with children. 3D printer nozzles are extremely hot and can be a burn hazard. This printer does not have a glass enclosure and it’s important to keep it away from small hands when in use.
  • Volume isn’t very large – If your kids want to be able to print bigger models, you may find that the printing volume for this model just doesn’t quite cut it. Be prepared to have to print your 3D model in sections, then assemble them after printing the individual parts.


Occasionally, we did find that the build plate would stick a little, but overall, any child would be more than happy to be able to play around with the designs this model can produce!

Also available from: Flashforgeshop


ELEGOO 3D Printer Neptune 2 FDM 3D Printer with Silent Motherboard, Safety Power Supply,Resume Printing and...
418 Reviews
ELEGOO 3D Printer Neptune 2 FDM 3D Printer with Silent Motherboard, Safety Power Supply,Resume Printing and...*
  • 【Outstanding industrial design】CNC machined aluminum extrusion and semi-assembled parts for reliable build quality and easy setup. V-guide roller made of Germany POM material with ultra-silence, accurate motion, and excellent wear resistance during long term printing. 220X220X250mm printing size at ±0.1mm high precision. Supports multi-function extensions as well.
  • 【Smarter 3D printing】Once a print is complete and the nozzle temperature drops below 50° Celsius, the cooling fans of the nozzle and the motherboard will automatically stop working, saving power and extending their lifespan. Resume printing from where it left after an unexpected power outage or faulty operations. MK8 extruder has wide material compatibility and equipped filament detection sensor will pause printing when filament runs out.
  • 【Safe and stable power supply】400Watt switched-mode power supply can better protect your printing from short circuit, overload voltage, or under-voltage situations. The 250Watt hotbed can be heated to 100° Celsius within 3 minutes under an average indoor temperature and keeps it stable to meet different filament materials' working requirements.

If value for your money is a big priority when it comes to picking equipment that you want to show the kids, then you’re in luck! Elegoo’s Neptune 2 is just the thing you’re looking for, especially if you’re hoping to show your kids what commercial-quality prints look like!

Neptune 2 is a professional desktop CNC 3D printer. It is designed by Elecrow company, a leading manufacturer of 3D printers in China.

Neptune 2 features a powerful motor, high precision, a large printing area, and fast speed.

With this machine, you can easily create objects with various shapes and sizes, something your kids will love to watch be made before their very eyes.

You can use multiple filaments to print complex designs and enjoy all kinds of printing experiences.

What’s more, with its intuitive and user-friendly software, Neptune 2 is very simple to operate too. Once installed, you can start printing immediately.


  • Ready to use immediately – This printer is pretty set to go straight out of the packaging, with next to no extra setup needed. Great for those impatient souls who just can’t wait to get their hands on their shiny new 3D printer!
  • Very reasonably priced – You want an entry-level model to be easy on the wallet, especially if it’s going to be handled by kids. Thankfully, the price that you’ll typically find this printer at isn’t bad.


  • Manual leveling is needed – Part of the popularity of many modern 3D printers is their ability to automatically level their filaments, something that the Neptune 2 just cannot do. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it is a feature that is lacking when compared to other entry-level printers for kids.


We were surprised at how hard it was to even find a seller that had this printer in stock, much less getting our hands on one! That just goes to show you how in-demand this model is!

We can say with some confidence though that anyone who is looking for this model will not be disappointed with what they find! The machine arrived quickly and was assembled easily.

It works great and prints perfectly. We are looking forward to many years of use.

We are very happy with the results so far and would recommend it to anyone looking to find a new piece of kit that can occupy their kid’s time for ages.

Also available from: Elegoo


If a 3D printer that can be used by anyone is what you’re looking for, you want a model that is reliable, easy to handle and move around, as well as able to deal with the sort of intensive life of being used by children of all ages.

Thankfully, Voxelab has just the model for just such a lifestyle, in the form of an Aquila 3D printer.

Aquila is a straightforward 3D printer based on open source technologies, making it adaptable to many software programs.

It supports multiple types of filament materials such as PLA, ABS, PETG, HIPS, PVA, etc., and it offers a variety of print sizes and resolutions. The printer is designed to be easy to upgrade and modify, meaning it can grow with your kids.

If you were to ask us the ideal age range of this device, we would probably say that a child who had at least a passing familiarity with technology is the ideal group, so ages 9 to 10 approximately.

Perfect for newcomers and people looking to teach kids how to use this model, Aquila comes with a user-friendly interface, which includes a touch screen LCD, USB port, SD card slot, and a Wi-Fi module too.

It supports a whole range of languages in its display, making it perfect for use in a classroom as much as it is for the home too.


  • Easy to set up – The settings and display on this printer is a simple Kong color screen, which makes using and viewing previews of your printed object a cinch.
  • Low pricing when compared to other entry printers – Like any good model that is there to introduce you to a new hobby, this printer won’t destroy your wallet.
  • Silent to use – No frustratingly loud fan or filament dispenser on this model. This is perfect if you’re looking to keep noise levels down in the house.


  • A hassle to use with micro SD cards – Given how easy it is to lose these pieces of data-storing tech, it’s a little frustrating that this is the main way the printer is expected to be used. Some will probably prefer to use Wi-Fi, which seems to be less of a priority on this model.


It is important to have a quality product that works for your needs, and this 3D printer does so handsomely.

When we were looking for models that were appropriate to be used by children, we had some reservations about whether they would perform as advertised, being truly usable for all ages.

However, not only did our own experiences say otherwise, but plenty of other sources report the Aquila as an excellent way to introduce people to this technology, whatever age group they are.

Upon receiving the unit, we quickly realized that this was a great investment for anyone, not just those with tech-savvy kids.

The print quality is exceptional, and the build volume is much larger than we expected. We were extremely pleased with the purchase and highly recommend it to anyone interested in getting started with 3D printing.

Also available from: Voxelab3dp


Best 3D Printers For Kids 1
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For a reliable source of top-quality 3D printers that can introduce newcomers to 3D printing technology, Prusa has to be one of the best names about, and the Mini+ Kit is the best of the bunch.

The MINI+ uses a heated magnetic bed with integrated heating elements and removable steel sprung sheets to ensure fast solidification of printed material.

This allows the user to print objects quickly. The printer has two extruders and supports standard filament sizes of 1.75mm and 2.85mm in diameter.

All parts are made from durable plastic.


  • Easy to use interface – For teaching yourself and your kids the ins and outs of how to operate this cutting-edge equipment, a usable interface is essential.
  • Excellent print quality – Despite what the skeletal frame might suggest, the precision, accuracy, and quality of the models it creates are anything but beginner-level. This has a level of quality that competes with some of the highest-level printers out there.


  • No carry handle – For a device that is so compact and relatively lightweight, you would expect that the designers would take the opportunity to add a handle for easy carrying. This isn’t the case, so lifting and transporting it is a hassle, even with its light load.


When it comes to good entry-level printers, the Mini+ is an exceptional machine.

It has a very good print quality, but it is surprisingly small, and cheap enough to buy whilst getting some extra filament too.

It also comes with a lot of extras like a heated bed, a hot end control board, and a fan controller.

The included software is easy to use and works more than well enough.

The fact that the manual for this device was only in electronic form was a little frustrating.

Trying to scroll on your phone isn’t ideal for relatively complex instructions, even for what is ostensibly a simple-to-use machine.

Still, once assembly is out of the way, this is a great model to teach your kids the beauty and fun that can come from this new and exciting technology!

Also available from: Aliexpress


Monoprice Voxel 3D Printer - Black/Gray with Removable Heated Build Plate (150 x 150 x 150 mm) Fully Enclosed,...
486 Reviews
Monoprice Voxel 3D Printer - Black/Gray with Removable Heated Build Plate (150 x 150 x 150 mm) Fully Enclosed,...*
  • Quick change nozzle: unlike other 3D printers, which require tools and 20-40 minutes of work to replace the nozzle, The voxel has a quick change nozzle that allows you to change the nozzle in seconds, without the need for tools of any kind
  • Heated, flexible, and removable: The removable, flexible build plate makes removing a model A breeze. Simply remove and flex it to dislodge the model. You can easily replace it if it becomes damaged or can swap in a second build plate to start a new print immediately after completion of a project. Additionally, it can be heated to temperatures up to 60°c
  • Auto Leveling: the printer ships fully calibrated and ready to print out of the box. If necessary, you can easily adjust the distance between the nozzle and the bed via the touch screen interface.Operating compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS X, Linux

When it comes to entry-level equipment in the 3D printing world, Monoprice is a name that you know you can trust.

They have a variety of different types of 3D printers for virtually every level of skill and age in their lineup.

From commercial, laboratory-quality models, to miniature makes that are compact enough to fit in your hands.

For this guide for beginners and kids, we have chosen to go with the Voxel model of 3D printer for its usability and versatility, two of the most important features you can ask for.

It features auto-leveling to ensure accurate dimensions are printed every time.

The included software automatically calibrates the printer when you power it on.

Additionally, a built-in filament sensor detects low filament levels and pauses the printing process if there isn’t enough filament to continue, rather than continuing and leaving you with a half-finished model.

With its compact size, this is an ideal home office solution for anyone who wants to create their models or prototypes.

With its small footprint, it can fit anywhere in your house.


  • Fast-printing speed – If you are in a hurry to get your printed object done as soon as possible, the Voxel is up to the task of blazing through the process. With its automatic leveling and high-speed printing function, this is a printer that can keep up with your high-speed demands!
  • High-quality print-bed design – Not only is the printer bed flexible, great for twisting your printed objects off the plate, but it is also heated, making sure that the bottoms of your printed pieces aren’t getting stuck.
  • High-level print quality – All these extra features, whilst still producing top-of-the-line models that look great once they have been cured! What more could you ask for?


  • Initial setup not so kid-friendly? – The first time you set this printer up may cause a few headaches in the room. Fortunately, using the printer doesn’t cause nearly as much confusion!


Monoprice certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to this printer! Not only does it work great when you have it up and running, but it is also incredibly easy to use as well!

The quality of the prints is fantastic. Whether it’s making decorations, or for models for your kids to play with, this printer can handle all these requests and more.

Not only is this a great printer for those kids that just want to play around with the latest piece of tech, but it’s also great for those that want to be able to expand their knowledge when it comes to design and technology. A great model to consider.

Also available from: Monoprice

Buyer’s Guide

Best 3D Printers For Kids 2


When it comes to a 3D printer that is built for kids, safety and accessibility are going to be two of the most important factors on your mind whilst you are looking.

Firstly, it needs to be easily accessible. This means that it shouldn’t take too long to set up and should be easy to use, as the longer it takes to figure out how to set up and use, the less likely your child is to use the device.

So always try and find the best 3D printer for kids based on the ease of setup.

Secondly, the 3D printer needs to be safe. No parent wants to see their child hurt themselves while playing around with a new toy, especially ones as complex as a 3D printer.

At the very least, the safety measures need to ensure that all parts are covered, and some users like to add a screen when it comes to 3D printers to help prevent any small accidents from happening.


After user accessibility, printer volume is probably going to be one of the most important features.

For those kids that are just starting with 3D printing, we’d recommend going with an entry-level printer, which will allow them to produce smaller volumes at first.

With this comes the advantage that they’ll learn what works and what doesn’t and won’t waste money if they later change their minds.

Once your kids have learned the ropes when it comes to 3D printing models, chances are that they’re going to want to go bigger and better as soon as they figure out how to increase the size of their models!

If you want the printer to stay useful for your kids after the first few prints, you’ll want to find one that has enough printing space to match their ambitions.

Printing Speed

Printing speed is another important factor that many people look for. And why not? Everyone wants their models finished and cured quickly!

However, you should keep in mind that a higher printing speed will also usually come as a detriment to the overall finish and details of the final model.

Most printers can function at least 2 different speeds, so make sure you know what your model is capable of before buying it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Get My Kids A 3D Printer?

I mean, have you seen what 3D printers can do?

Not only are they capable of building your child’s wildest dreams, but it can also teach them a lot about engineering and software management.

What Features Are Vital For A Good 3D Printer?

This depends on both the age of your kids and what model you want. If you want to avoid your printed model warping whilst it is being printed, as well as to keep your kids away from the hot filament and plastic fumes whilst it is printing, you’re going to want to find an enclosed printer.


So there you have it. A list of the top 3D printers for kids. All of these devices are great options for anyone who wants to learn more about 3D printing, or even for someone who already knows a bit about the technology.

They each offer something different, but all are easy to use, safe, and affordable for a beginner.

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