If we want to set our children up for success, every child should learn to code. Computer programming for kids has many benefits that stretch far beyond the computer screen. From critical thinking, creativity, and persistence, find out how to teach kids to code and get them on the path to success.

Coding Worksheets

Bring coding to the classroom with our simple and fun coding worksheets! Check out our collection of coding resources suitable for kindergarten all the way to high school. These coding resources reinforce the basic concepts of coding.

First Steps In Coding Books

Explore key coding concepts with these fun and engaging robot adventure stories.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Coding for Kids

How do I start teaching my child to code?

There are many ways to get started coding for kids. We recommend getting started with unplugged coding activities, apps and games. There are many ideas in our comprehensive coding for kids guide.

At what age can a child learn coding?

Kids as young as 5 can learn the basic concepts of coding in unplugged coding activities. Block based programming can be learned by kids with basic reading skills (6+).

Can coding be taught to kids?

Absolutely yes! Coding is a skill that can be taught to people of all ages. Our website is dedicated to helping kids of all ages learn basic coding skills.

Is teaching coding to kids good?

Absolutely! We believe that every child should learn to code. Coding has many benefits beyond the computer including skills in critical thinking, logic and creativity.

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