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Want to teach your kids to code in an actual programming language? Learn Python with Edison for an engaging and fun learning experience!

If you have never heard of Python, be sure to check out this article on what python is, how it works, and why it is a great coding language for kids! One of the best things about Python is that it is a universal language, meaning that once your kids understand how it works, they will have the building blocks to unlock many other coding language out there.

What is the Edison Robot?

Edison Robot coding for kids

Edison is a robot that helps teach kids to code through scanning barcodes, block code, and eventually, Python. The robot can be used straight out of the box, and is also Lego compatible. One of my favorite activities is to let kids build up a “Monster Bot” with Legos, then have them compete in a “Sumo Ring” to see which bot comes out the winner. It’s our own version of Robot Wars! Another thing I love about Edison is that it is one of the most affordable robots on the market. The pieces and parts are easily replaced as well, so you could use fixing Edison as an unplugged coding activity! So many options!

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Edison Apps

To start with, you want to make sure your child is old enough. If they are not able to read yet, Python will not be a great fit. There are certainly other activities you can do with Edison, just not Python yet! 

Once you have your Edison, you may want to play around with the “easier” levels of coding before jumping right into Python. Edison uses an audio code to receive its programming, and that can be tricky right off the bat. 

Within the Edison site, there are different levels of coding apps for different levels of kids.


EdBlocks is a great app to start with when teaching your kids to code. The blocks are easy to understand, and fun to move around.


Once you have mastered that, EdScratch is the next level of coding for kids. It is based on the block-coding site Scratch, which was one of the first coding for kids sites out there. Build by MIT, Scratch is considered the gold standard when it comes to teaching kids to code. Edison basing its app on Scratch (with MITs help and blessing) is a collaboration made in coding heaven!


EdPy is the app you want to help your child learn to code with Python. While the language is very similar to what computer programmers use, the platform Edison is built on is not exactly the same as what a programmer sees, which makes it more kid-friendly! Edison’s EdPy has a lot of help built-in; from help with completing commands to a translation from code to English. 

Having these features built-in will help your child learn to code faster, and be more confident in what they are doing. Having a robot like Edison to program and execute the code helps reinforce the algorithms and sequences needed to perform certain tasks. 

When you open the EdPy App, you will be asked which version of the Edison Robot you have. If you purchase it within the last few years, you probably have version 2, or V 2.0. There is a handy little picture for you to compare your robot to if you’re unsure. 

Photo Credit: Edison Learning Robot

After you select the correct version of Edison, you will be dropped into your first “Untitled Program”. In the left-hand navigation bar, you will see a tab called “Examples”. These are pre-done programs that are ready to go. Some kids really benefit from seeing what the end product might look like, so this is a nice touch! 

As you open examples, tabs will start appearing at the top of your coding screen. Simply click on these tabs to toggle back and forth between the different programs you are looking at/working on. 

Using the Edison Python Student Workbook

From there, I would suggest helping your child download the Student Workbook and begin working through the activities in there. If you have already played with your robot and your child understands how it works, feel free to skip to lesson 1, worksheet 1.3. This worksheet starts with the basics of getting your child acclimated with the EdPy app, and helps them begin to learn their first few lines of code in Python! 

Within the Student Workbook, there are 10 lessons, and activity sheets to go along with each lesson. Lessons are also broken down into worksheets, with most lessons having four or five worksheets each. After the worksheets, there are also activity sheets kids can fill out to reinforce their knowledge. I would not think a kid could learn to code in 2 weeks, but I have seen a 13-year-old blow through all 10 lessons AND the accompanying activities in that short amount of time! Normally, I would consider each worksheet section to be at least one day. With 38 worksheet sections, I could see this taking an upper-elementary school over a month to finish – and probably more like four to six months!

Learn Python with Edison!

Edison Robot Barcodes

Learning Python with Edison is a wonderful way to introduce your child to the world of the Python Language. The Edison robot is so versatile, it will work for kids of any age. If you are trying to teach your kids to code, this is definitely a tool you want to have in your toolbelt! What is your favorite way to excite and encourage your kids to learn to code? 

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