The best coding robot toys for kids to learn to code!

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It’s an undisputed fact that robots have been cool since the beginning of time. They’re featured in every major Sci-Fi franchise from Star Wars to the Jetsons. So, of course, there’s been a boom in kid-friendly educational coding robots for kids that teach the art of coding through interactive play. These robot toys for kids have all the cool Sci-Fi appeal and are chock full of educational fun. These coding robots are great for a variety of age groups and at a variety of price points. Check out a few of our favorites.

Best Coding Robot Toys For Kids

Frequently Asked Questions about Coding Robot Toys

What is the best coding robot?

The answer to this question depends on the age of your child! For ages 4-8 we like Botley the coding robot. For ages 8+ we would recommend Edison coding robot.

How much is a coding robot?

Coding robots have variable prices. Most of the robots featured on our site are priced from $50 to $200.

Is there coding in robotics?

Yes coding is an important part of robotics. Robotics is all about coding equipment to move around on its own using a variety of programming languages.

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Do you want to teach your kids to code? These are the best coding robots for kids to learn programming. These programming robots will teach kids how to problem solve and thin creatively. Learning to code is easy when you are having fun! Check out these awesome coding robot toys for kids! #STEM #coding
These are the best robot toys for kids to learn to code. Whether you are teaching coding in the classroom or at home these educational robots are perfect for learning to program! Learn the basics of coding while having fun and using creative problem solving skills. These coding robots are a  fun way to teach coding to kids. #coding #STEM #education

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