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The Ultimate List of Minecraft Gifts

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Today we are going to be reviewing our ultimate guide to the best Minecraft gifts for kids. Included in our guide is a review of the best Minecraft merchandise for kids of all ages. We’ll breakdown our awesome Minecraft merch into a variety of categories including Minecraft toys, Minecraft books, Minecraft educational gifts, Minecraft plush toys, Minecraft coding courses, and Minecraft decor. You can use the table of contents below to navigate to your favorite Minecraft themed gifts.

Minecraft is one of the most popular games for kids. It’s a fun game that challenges kids creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. Minecraft also lends itself well to teaching kids to code, and we’ll review some of the best ways to get coding with Minecraft at the end of this guide.

For all of your Minecraft shopping, you need to look no further than major retailers like Amazon, Target and Walmart. There is lots of Minecraft stuff to buy at these major Minecraft shops including fun and challenging games, STEM activities, plush toys, and decor.

To start off our Minecraft gift ideas, here are the top Minecraft products selling on Amazon right now:

Check out our review of the best Minecraft gifts below! If you have any suggestions for gifts for Minecraft fans please drop me a line in the comments below and I will be happy to include your Minecraft product in this review. Happy shopping!

Minecraft Toys

Let’s start off with the most popular Minecraft toys available. We’ve compiled the best Minecraft toys including Minecraft figures, Lego Minecraft games, and other cool Minecraft stuff. If you’re wondering ‘where can I buy Minecraft toys?’, we suggest looking at Amazon for the best selection. Check out the Amazon bestseller list for the top Minecraft toys for kids:

Sword and Porkchop Adventure Set

Two of the most essential items in Minecraft are food, and a sword. Keep your kiddo from starving, during their pretend play adventures, with this high quality minecraft sword toy and porkchop set.

Enchanted Bow and Arrow

What’s better to shoot your targets with, than a bow an arrow? This Minecraft playset includes an enchanted bow an arrow! The bow is fully functional, and soft tipped!

Transforming Sword and Pickaxe

It’s hard to carry around both a sword and pickaxe while playing Minecraft around the house. If only your child could carry one Minecraft pickaxe toy, that could transform into a weapon, life would be so much easier. Well, now they can! These cool Minecraft toys are actually two in one! This is one of the most popular gifts for Minecraft Lovers and is featured on the Amazon bestsellers list.

Color Changing Potion

Quick! Drink up this potion of swiftness, to enhance your speed while mining. Wait, no, try the jump boost potion instead, to help you get to the top of the mountain faster. No matter what potion you prefer, you can pretend you have it with this color changing, light up potion! This is perfect Minecraft Decor for a bedroom and can be used as a nightlight!

Lego Crafting Box

This Lego crafting box is the ultimate Minecraft Lego set. You’ll have all the materials necessary to make the perfect creation, including mini figures like Steve, a cow and a creeper. And don’t forget some of the other Minecraft essentials like torches, crops and tools. This is the perfect minecraft building set for Lego fanatics!

The End Battle Legos

The ultimate Minecraft ender dragon toy! You can build your own end dimension complete ender dragon, endermen and a dragon slayer. Don’t forget to keep those eyes down while battling the endermen and ender dragon in this epic Lego battle!

Minecraft Pirate Ship Legos

One of the best new Minecraft toys on the market! Finally, a Minecraft Lego set that includes some of the more recent updates, like turtles and dolphins, and parrots! This set includes a Minecraft zombie toy character as part of the Minecraft lego figures included.

Minecraft Uno

This is one of my favorite Minecraft present ideas as it gets kids interested in a fun card game the whole family can enjoy. This is the original Uno game, just with Minecraft art on each card!

Minecraft Steve Toy with Minecart

This fun Minecraft toy set includes a steve figure, a minecart, and a redstone torch. This also makes a great cake topper for a Minecraft themed birthday party!

Minecraft Creeper Toy Large Action Figure

I love these large Minecraft action figures sold on Amazon. You can create your Minecraft world in real life with these awesome Minecraft characters toys. Also available is a Steve, Zombie and Minecraft Enderman toy.

Hotwheels Minecraft Track Blocks

This fun Hotwheels track makes playing with mini minecraft toy figures a whole lot of fun! Use your minecart to create a connected track using the Minecraft stunt block sets. Combine this set with other tracks, like this nether track play set.

Foam Sword Set

These Minecraft foam toys are so much fun! I love these foam sword sets for pretend play in our dress up box. Our boys love making up their own Minecraft adventures with these awesome minecraft toys.

DanTDM Minecraft Toys

DanTDM is a favorite Minecraft Youtube star. Your kids can grab this DanTDM themed Minecraft figure set for their next Minecraft adventure. This also makes a great cake topper for DanTDM Minecraft fans!

Minecraft Herobrine Toy Bundle

Another one for the YouTube lovers! These Herobrine toys remind us of some of our favorite Minecraft personalities, Dan, Pat and Jen. These mini minecraft toys are perfect for your Minecraft figure collection.

Minecraft Minifigure Sets and Collector Case

This awesome Minecraft collector case is a safe place to store your Minecraft minifigure toys. 10 Minecraft Minifigures are included with your case. An awesome way to display your Minecraft toy collection!

Minecraft Plush Toys

Minecraft plush is one of the most popular Minecraft presents for kids! You can find a Minecraft plush set for all your favorite Minecraft characters. We’ll review the best Minecraft plush toys below:

Minecraft Creeper Plush

The Minecraft stuffed creeper is one of the most popular Minecraft stuffed animals! This large creeper plush measures 18 inches tall.

Minecraft Zombie Plush

Snuggle up with this Zombie Minecraft cuddly toy. One of the most popular minecraft stuffed toys!

Minecraft Plush Villager

Do you have some emeralds to trade? If so, perhaps this villager has just the right item you have been searching for! This Minecraft villager plush toy is perfect for your Minecraft stuffy collection.

Ocelot Plush

The best way to keep a creeper at bay is with a tamed ocelot! This tabby kitty is up for the task! Try this Minecraft soft toy for yourself!

Other Minecraft Stuffies

Minecraft Chicken Plush

Minecraft Wolf Plush

Minecraft Steve Plush

Minecraft Cat Plush

Minecraft Books

With so much Minecraft stuff for kids out there, don’t forget about Minecraft books! One of the best ways to get a reluctant reader engaged in a love of reading is to get them reading books that interest them! Our son loves Minecraft and we got him reading short novels by picking up some of the titles below. Minecraft books make for some of the coolest minecraft gifts.

Lost in the Jungle: Secrets of an Overworld Survivor

This is the first in a series of 6 that is sure to introduce a love of reading, into your little Minecraft lover’s life! Unfortunately the series isn’t available as a box set, so here are the others:

The Creeper Code: Five Minute Mysteries

This is another easy read by Grayson Mann. Young Minecraft fans are going to love, love, love getting sucked into these short mysteries.

Diary of a Minecraft Zombie

Kids seem to love diary series. The Diary of a Minecraft Zombie set is sure to please, as well as any other series! This is only the first six, but there are additional ones to check out, also!

The Big Book of Graphic Novels for Minecrafters

Chapter books are great, however, they often lack one thing, pictures! Fortunately Megan Miller and Cara. J. Stevens created multiple Minecraft graphic novels that will get kiddos reading, and have them asking for more of her books!

Minecraft Guide Collection

There’s a lot of knowledge out there when it comes to the game of Minecraft. Browse through these four books for some of the best Minecraft tips that are out there.

Unofficial Minetrapped Adventure Series

Winter Morgan is a best selling author who has written numerous Minecraft adventure series! They’re geared toward slightly older kiddos, but also make great bedtime reads, if your children still love bedtime stories.

Hacks for Minecrafters Box Set

These aren’t your average hacks and tricks for nOObs. Nope. While newbies will find them helpful, this is a set that more experienced players will actually enjoy reading, and learning from, as well!

Minecraft Apparel

Minecraft themed apparel makes great Christmas or birthday presents! check out some of the best Minecraft clothing and Minecraft accesssories below.

Masked Creeper Hoodie

This is the hoodie of all hoodies! Your kiddo is going to be creepin’ all over the place, showing off this awesome, masked, zip up hoodie.

Steve and Alex Slippers

Steve and Alex make an appearance together on these super cozy pair of blue slippers. Not only are they comfy, but they also have a rubber sole, for minimum slippage!

Boy’s Swim Shorts

Don’t let your little fella get jealous of his sister’s creeper bathing suit. He can have his very own Minecraft swimwear as well!

Periodic Table Tee

Minecraft isn’t just about mobs, and fighting through the night. It’s also about mining the ores, to craft new items! Check out this tee displaying the periodic table of Minecraft!

Minecraft Boys Pajamas

Dreaming of a fierce battle with the End mobs? So are Alex and Steve in this awesome threepiece pajama set.

Diamond Pickaxe Hat

Finally, a Minecraft hat for kids that isn’t just creepers. And with it being diamond blue, it is a wonderful gift for both boys and girls! It’s a one size fits all youth hat, so you don’t have to worry about a clasp that will break or get worn out!

Minecraft Socks

Your kids will love to display these creeper themed Minecraft socks!

Minecraft for Girls

Of course, girls will love all of the top Minecraft toys above, but we picked out a few items that are designed specifically to appeal to girls who love Minecraft.

Alex Pajamas

Heroine Alex is soaring through the sky in her pair of elytra, on this cute pair of pajamas. They are certainly bound to be a fun topic of discussion at the next slumber party!

Girl’s Overworld Tee

Are you looking for a new Minecraft tee for your princess? Look no further! This adorable overworld shirt is longer in the back, and was made to be paired with leggings!

Minecraft Characters Backpack

This amazing backpack features all of your favorite Minecraft characters in a stylish design. This is a perfect back to school Minecraft item for your Minecraft lover!

Minecraft Sunglasses

I love these pixelated sunglasses that come in a variety of fun colors. Perfect for your summer attire!

Pink Flower Girl Minecraft Action Figure

This Minecraft mini figure is another great cake topper or Minecraft toy for your collection.

Minecraft Back to School Accessories

Minecraft Lunch Box

Bring your Minecraft blocks to life with this Minecraft themed lunch bag. It’s a perfect size for kids sized lunches!

Minecraft Thermos

An awesome Minecraft thermos features your favorite Minecraft mobs. This thermos features zombie, creeper, enderman, and skeleton.

Minecraft Backpack

This Minecraft backpack features a front pocket that looks like a Minecraft chest. You can store all your your precious items in the chest.

Minecraft Pencil Case

Check out this awesome Minecraft pencil case that has a Creeper on the front.

Minecraft Pencils

This pencil set is perfect for your elementary student. There are a variety of unique designs including, TNT, creeper, and Minecraft blocks.

Minecraft Decor

All the best Minecraft bedroom ideas right here! Some amazing Minecraft decor for a Minecraft themed bedroom!

Wall Torch

Nothing beats being multifunctional! This wall torch can be used as a toy, for all of your home, mining adventures, but it can also be hung on the wall, to help light up the bedroom!

Life Like Minecraft Bedding

White, pixelated sheets and a red pixelated comforter will turn any bed into a real life Minecraft bed. Hop under these sheets to wish the mobs away at night.

Glowstone Lamp

No bedroom is complete without this glowstone lamp, mined fresh from the Nether!

Minecraft Drapes

These durable curtains are perfect for the windows of any Minecraft sanctuary. They even include matching tiebacks, when you want to let the beautiful sunlight shine in.

Square Pillow Cover

This mooshroom cow is just one of the many pillowcase covers to choose from! There are also mob covers, like skeletonscreepers, and endermen, or even ores and weapons!

Shower Curtain

That’s right, you can even have a Minecraft themed bathroom with this amazing shower curtain!

Coin Bank Chest

It’s time to toss that old, recycled coin jar. Now kiddos can deposit all of their treasured coins into this Minecraft chest bank!

Minecraft Educational Gifts

Activity Book

Mazes, word searches, dot to dots and other various puzzles fill this fabulous Minecraft activity book.

Color by Number

Take coloring to an all new level with this coloring book that requires the solution of math problems before coloring.

Big Book of Math

They’re not joking when they call this the Big Book of Math. This is chock full of a variety of math problems for both the younger and older zombie slaying kiddos in your life (grades 1 through 4).

Minecraft Fractions Workbook

Fractions can be hard and boring, but not when you are practicing them in this book full of Minecraft themed fractions.

Printing Workbook

Even hardcore Minecrafters may need to brush up on their printing skills, and this workbook is sure to strengthen their printing.

Cursive Writing

Does your kiddo need to spend a little less time playing Minecraft, and a little more time practicing their cursive handwriting? This book is sure to do the trick, while also incorporating a little of their favorite video game.

Minecraft Crafts

These amazing craft projects look like so much fun! You can knit your own creeper, build a chest to store your valueables and even create your own Minecraft garden!

Minecraft STEM Gifts

STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) is fun for children of all ages. However, throw a little Minecraft into the mix and the excitement intensifies! Check out these fun STEM activities that Minecraft fanatics are going to love mining away at.

Minecraft Coding Classes

The possibilities with Minecraft are endless. Especially once you learn to code. Give your kiddo the gift of coding classes, to further enhance their gaming experience! Here are just a few Minecraft coding courses for kiddos.

Coda Kid

Coda Kid has 14 different courses to learn how to mod Minecraft! Not sure you want to purchase the courses? Don’t worry! You can try it for 14 days, with their free trial!

Tynker Coding for Kids

Tynker Coding has multiple courses to teach your kiddo what they need to know about Minecraft mods. Sometimes they even have promotions and discounts on their courses. Head over now to see what opportunities lie ahead!


Udemy is a site where people teach others all sorts of different skills. You name it, there is likely at least a course or two dedicated to it on Udemy. You better believe there are also Minecraft coding courses! Take a look to see which courses best suit your needs.

New Minecraft Toys

These are the hottest new Minecraft toys. These are perfect Minecraft Christmas gifts for someone who already has all the major Minecraft merch.

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