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Harry Potter Coding Wand Review

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Calling all Harry Potter fans! The harry potter coding wand has arrived! This coding toy combines my two favorite things: coding and Harry Potter. I literally couldn’t be more excited! Today we are going to be giving our hands-on review of the Harry Potter Kano coding wand and exploring how this wand teaches some of the basics concepts of coding.


If you are looking for more fun coding toys, check out our posts on the top 10 coding toys for kids. There are so many fun coding toys and coding robots out there, it’s hard to decide which one to buy. We LOVED the Kano harry potter coding wand, it certainly is one of our most favorite coding toys on the market.

The Harry Potter Coding Wand is here! Teach your kids to code with this super cool kids coding toy. This is absolutely one of the best tech toys of 2018!  We loved that the Harry Potter coding wand brought coding concepts to life with magic. This coding wand will teach basic coding concepts like variables, loops, logic, and algorithms. Have fun casting spells and learning to code at the same time! #STEM #stemtoys

What is the Kano Coding Wand?

The Kano Harry Potter Coding Wand is an electronic wand that is equipped to detect the movements and gestures you make with the wand. The coding wand is linked to a computer or app-based program compatible on most computers and tablet devices. In the app, little coders will design and create their own spells using coding concepts. Then, with a flick of the wand, their spells will come to life on the screen.


How much does it cost?

We purchased our coding wand for $99 USD. Prices are subject to change based on availability and promotions so check out the retailers below for current pricing and promotions.  Of note, you will need a compatible device for the Kano coding wand. The Kano coding wand is currently compatible with most tablets including Android, Amazon and iPad devices. Note that this game does not work with some older models of tablets. Check if your specific device is compatible here.  The coding wand will also work with a Windows or Mac computer.

What coding concepts does the coding wand teach?

The Kano coding wand brings to life a variety of coding concepts. Kids will learn about algorithms, logical thinking, variables, and loops by designing spells that are “unlocked” or “executed” with specific motions of the wand.

The Kano coding wand uses a block type code that is a popular way of teaching code to kids. Other programs like Scratch Jr use a similar block code. What’s nice about the Kano wand is that there is also a JavaScript translation next to the block coding. This is great for more advanced coders to see how changing block codes will change the javascript.

Let’s review some of these coding concepts again:

Algorithm: An algorithm is a set of instructions that you give a computer or program. These instructions will help to execute a command or solve a problem. On the coding wand, the algorithm is the instructions for performing the spell. Using block-based coding, you will program what will happen when your wand is moved in various directions or patterns.  It’s up to you to decide!

Logical thinking: Logical thinking involves the consistent use of reasoning to solve problems. One of the most tangible benefits of teaching kids to code is that it actually helps kids to think. Using the Kano coding wand, kids will learn how to code their desired spell by thinking logically. They may also use conditional statements, to get their wand to perform different tricks based on which motion of the wand is performed.

Loops: Loops refer to a sequence of instructions (algorithm) that are repeated until a certain condition is met. We learned all about for loops and while loops in our Learn Python For Kids Tutorial. With the Kano Coding wand, you can define loops to repeat until a specific condition is met.

Unboxing the Kano Coding Wand:

Kano did a really nice job with creating some magical packaging for the Kano coding wand. The first step when unboxing the Kano coding wand is to build the wand itself. Kano provides a really neat set of instruction that takes you through the components of the wand and explaining what they do. The wand consists of a magnetometer, accelerometer, and gyroscope which are all important to detect the motions you use to cast a spell.

How to play?


Getting started with the coding wand is simple. After turning on the app, you will start by tackling some of the 70+ challenges on the Kano coding app. By completing the challenges you will get a sense of how to modify the coding blocks to create your own designs.

The coding wand works quite simply. First, you design your block code. Then you execute the code by moving the wand in a particular direction or pattern which is decided in the instructions you give. When the wand motion matches up to your code, the program is executed! There are lots of fun Harry Potter themed spells to create: you can levitate a feather, make fireworks, multiply goblets and many many more!

Once you’ve completed some of the challenges (there are over 70+, so it might take you a while!) you can unleash your true creativity. Advanced coders can take it a step further and consider designing something from scratch! Check out the Kano Community to see some of the amazingly creative projects designed by Kano Community members.

Our review

100 points to Gryffindor! This coding wand was SOO much fun! I was so excited when I heard about this wand and it certainly did not disappoint! I love that this wand makes understanding code fun and magical for kids. The tasks and challenges were fun, and true Harry Potter fans will love the theming of the spells. My son, who is not yet 5 years old had fun practicing the wand motions and was even able to understand the basics of block coding. This wand will be perfect for him in 1-2 years as it does require some basic reading skills.


Things we loved:

  • The wands is easy to set up right away
  • We found that motion detection was accurate
  • The wand works even with the iPad in the case, which is always a plus when you have little kids!
  • The wand leaves lots of room to grow as it can take you from beginner to more advanced coding concepts with more play

Things to keep in mind:

  • This wand is perfect for kids who can read, basic reading skills are a must
  • The wand didn’t work with our older iPad, make sure yours is compatible here.

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Teach your kids to code with the harry potter coding wand! This kano coding wand is the perfect way to make coding magical. Kids will learn real life coding concepts like logic, algorithms and loops in a fun and engaging way. This Kano coding kit allows kids to be creative and learn basic programming skills at the same time. This is a perfect STEM gift for any aspiring coder. Save this to your coding for kids board! #coding #codingtoys

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