60+ Amazing Technology Facts

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Do you know how invented Bitcoin? Or how much energy is needed to make a stainless steel straw? Let’s dive in to some fascinating technology facts!

We all know that technology rules the world these days. Most of us rely on our smartphones and gadgets to complete our everyday tasks. Without technology we would be missing out on some of the greatest advancements of this century.

There’s so much to know about technology so let’s fill your mind with some amazing facts related to technology!

Interesting Technology Facts

1. The word technology was coined in 330 BC by the one and only Aristotle.

You may think of technology as modernized or contemporary, but its etymology dates back to Aristotle’s time.

2. The QWERTY keyboard can slow your typing speed on the computer.

This keyboard was designed to address the jam issues of typewriters. However, the most used letters are not place together on the keyboard.

3. Xerox is not a verb for photocopying but is a name of a company that creates and sells xerographic technology.

Many people often use the word “xerox” when they want to photocopy something. Yet, they do not know that it is actually a company name called Xerox Holdings Corporation.

4. Motorola produced the first-ever portable mobile phone.

In 1983, Motorola paved the way for smartphone manufacturing companies by creating the first portable phone called DynaTAC 8000X. It is bulky and has keypads and an antenna.

5. No one yet has verified the identity of Bitcoin’s founder.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the only the pseudonym of the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, the bitcoin. Up until now, his real identity remains a world mystery.

6. Japan has the fastest Internet speed of 319 terabits per second.

This Internet speed is speedy enough to download approximately 80,000 movies per second. The engineers used fiber-optic cables to make this world-breaking record possible.

7. Aeromobil has introduced the world’s first commercial flying car.

Flying cars exist! The Slovakian company aims to debut the world’s first roadable aircraft in the market this 2023, which will shake the transportation industry.

8. Using metal steel straws isn’t eco-friendly.

Metal steel straws can save the turtles but the entire world. In fact, a single metal steel straw need 2420 kJ of energy and releases a lot of carbon dioxide.

9. General Motors made the first self-driving car model.

Elon Musk wasn’t the brain behind autonomous cars. In 1939, General Motors was able to create a model for a self-driving car that relies on electromagnetic fields and magnetized spikes on the roads. 

10. Facebook was originally a directory of freshmen with their names and pictures.

It’s a book of faces! Mark Zuckerberg and his Harvard colleagues created a digital book of new students with their faces on it. Since then, Facebook has become the leading social networking website in the world.

Fun Facts about Technology

  1. The first alarm clock only rings at 4 a.m.
  2. Nokia’s first product is toilet paper.
  3. The ‘fox’ in the Mozilla Firefox logo is a red panda.
  4. Google’s name was the fruit of a spelling mistake.
  5. The world’s first computer mouse was wooden, not plastic.
  6. For every 12 million email spams, only one gets a reply.
  7. Wi-Fi doesn’t stand for Wireless Fidelity. 
  8. The first video camera recorder was as big as a grand piano!
  9. Nintendo was established as a playing card business.

Mind-blowing Facts about Technology

  1. The founders of Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and SpaceX have one thing in common—they are all dropouts!
  2. Combining all the bitcoin mining operations worldwide is equivalent to the computing power of 3.7 million supercomputers.
  3. Amazon’s Alexa listens to your conversations.
  4. Google receives more than 99,000 searches every second.
  5. Dial-up connection persists in 2022.
  6. In 1936, Water Integrator, a computer run on water, was created in Russia.
  7. Reading from a screen slows your reading time.
  8. There are 4000 luxury cars sunken in the Atlantic Ocean in 2022.
  9. Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, has 264 billion dollars of net worth.
  10. Peugeot has been making cars for more than one century. (126 years old). 

Amazing Facts about Technology

  1. As of 2022, there are 5.1 billion Internet users, and 4.5 billion of them access it on their mobile phones.
  2. In 1884, William Henry Fruen invented the Automatic Liquid-Drawing Device” or the first vending machine.
  3. Some Android versions were named after desserts since Android devices make people’s lives sweeter.
  4. The first computer virus was named ‘Creeper.’
  5. According to statistics, Americans spend two hours and 54 minutes using their mobile phones per day. 
  6. Nuclear energy is a zero-emission energy source.
  7. Your Apple product’s warranty may be void if you smoke near it.
  8. King’s Field is the world’s first PlayStation game.
  9. The word “robot” originated from a Czech word that means “forced labor.” 
  10. Since 2016, Pokemon Go, a type of augmented reality, has become a game fad.

Awesome Technology Facts

  1. You cannot access the Deep Web using Google.
  2. The first iPod has the capacity to store 1000 mp3 songs.
  3. Charles Babbage, an English mathematician, is the father of computing.
  4. Elon Musk has recently taken over Twitter for a whopping 44 billion dollars.
  5. Google has worked with a goat-herding company to help reduce the company’s carbon emissions.
  6. Electronic mail already existed before the birth of the World Wide Web.
  7. The world’s most luxurious car, Bugatti La Voiture Noire, costs a whopping $18.7 million.
  8. Banks and other corporate giants hire white hats or “good hackers” to help fix security ssues and prevent system infiltration.
  9. 350, 000 tweets are sent every minute.
  10. 92% of the global money is digitally stored.

Random Technology Facts

  1. The computer mouse is named after its uncanny resemblance to a mouse having a long tail.
  2. Anyone can edit and modify any page on Wikipedia.
  3. An average person can blink seven times every minute when using a computer.
  4. The intense fear or dislike of new technology is called technophobia.
  5. The corporate giant Samsung is a leading contributor to landfill waste in 2022.
  6. The inventor of the first computer mouse named it after the gadget’s cord that resembles the long tail of a mouse.
  7. Jeff Bezos named his company Cadabra Inc before renaming it Amazon.
  8. India tops the list of Facebook users, having 329.65 million people active on Facebook.
  9. The most common computer password is “123456.” 
  10. Apple’s OS is more difficult to crack than Android system.

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