18 Of The Best Teacher Gadgets For Every Classroom

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 We are constantly updating classrooms, adding more and more tech to keep up with the ever-changing technological world students are living in. Teachers always want students to have everything they need to achieve and grow, but sometimes teachers need a little technology love too! Here are the top 18 teacher gadgets that every teacher in the 21st century needs! 

18 Must Need Teacher Gadgets

Students always have the classroom supplies they need, whether teachers ask for parents to send them in or they buy the supplies out of their own paycheck. But teachers never get to fill their back to school cart with the cool teacher supplies they want! Well, whether you are inside the classroom or out, these technology gadgets are perfect for all teachers! 

Wireless Doorbell

Teachers do enough talking throughout the day, and this wireless doorbell can save voices while trying to get student attention, whether they are working at centers, with partners, or in small groups. Grab their attention with this simple classroom management tool! 


The laminators you can grab in Walmart and Target are great. But, if a teacher needs a laminating job done quickly and well. Grabbing a professional laminator is the best option. Ranging from $100-$200, they are worth the investment and can last for years! 

3D Printer 

Here at Teach Your Kids Code you know we love 3D printers, one of the coolest tech gadgets out there! Bringing a 3D printer into the classroom will let your student explore so many opportunities to create! We have a variety of tutorials and guides to get kids started with 3D printing. Not quite ready for a 3D printer? How about a 3D pen? The possibilities are endless! 

Wireless Mouse 

Most schools have moved to laptops or Chromebooks, and many teachers just do not like the trackpad. Grabbing a wireless mouse is a cheap and easy way to become more comfortable when grading and creating on the computer.


Teachers love to be organized. But, organizing books, media, and other resources can be time-consuming, and there are so many ways to set it up. Using a scanner can help track all the resources, and students can even help! 

Chargeable Backpack

Teachers often bring work home with them, and many of them travel by car. At the same time, other teachers travel on the subway, in Ubers, or on buses to get to work and from work. By having a backpack that not only fits papers, a laptop, a lunch bag, and a water bottle. But it also can charge a phone or laptop is super helpful for teachers!

External Hard Drive 

This is one of those cool teacher gadgets that every teacher should carry with them. An external hard drive allows teachers to save things on a computer and in a safe place off the computer. That way, if the teacher creates a totally engaging lesson and wants to work on it at home, they do not need to luge their computer back and forth. Plus, all the material can be transferred from one computer to the next, so all the materials created for one school district won’t get lost if a teacher switches schools.

Power Bank

Ever taken so many pictures on a field trip that a cellphone has gotten dangerously low to losing power? Having a portable power bank for a cellphone is a super cool gadget to have on a field trip. Plus, if the field trip is a far distance away from school or if there is an emergency, a charged cell phone is important. 

Amazon Echo Dot Kids

Studies show that music, white noise, and other background effects help students stay quiet and concentrate on their work. Having an echo dot in a classroom can make it easier for teachers to play music or sounds for their students. Echo dots can even play stories! The perfect addition to a classroom. 


Faculty meetings can take forever; teachers often scribble notes onto a random page during them and forget exactly where the notes are or what they say. Rocketbook allows people to take notes, snap a picture, and the picture will save the notes online to be able to review. This may be near the top of the list of cool gadgets for teachers because the notes can also be erased! This means the notebook can be used over and over again. 

Portable Scanner 

We live in a digital world, and most of the papers and worksheets for students are also starting to go digital. But what happens if a teacher has a great worksheet and doesn’t have a digital copy? It’s time consuming to recreate it on the computer. Instead of doing that, use a portable scanner to scan the worksheet into the computer. 

Portable Presenter Clicker 

This should be on the top of a teacher’s school supplies list! The ability to switch slides, play videos, and X out of things all from the comfort of anywhere in the room is absolutely awesome! Making teaching easier. 

Wireless Microphone

Not only are these great if a teacher has no voice, but they are also helpful if a teacher has a child in their class that is hard of hearing or if the teacher is just soft-spoken altogether. This microphone is rechargeable and completely hands free making it easy to use in the classroom. 

Label Maker 

Every year, teachers are expected to pack up their classrooms and unpack them at the beginning of the next year. It is a lot of work and even harder when they need to know what is inside each box. Having a label maker will make the summer pack up easier. Plus, teachers can easily label things like headphones, books, and other classroom supplies.

Magnetic Timer 

Every teacher uses a limit at some point or another during the day. A magnetic timer that sticks to the whiteboard will ensure the time is being kept and the timer will not be misplaced, which happens with many smaller kitchen timers. 

Document Camera

Document cameras make sharing student work and worksheets so much easier. Just pop the project or sheet of paper under the camera, project it on the screen, and bam! Everyone in the classroom will be able to see what is happening under the camera. Great for whole class demonstrations as well! 

Rolling Cart 

Teachers have a lot of stuff, and sometimes it doesn’t all fit in their backpacks or work bags. This foldable rolling cart can hold anything the teacher can’t and is super easy to fold and unfold. It can fit right under a desk and is easy to roll around. 

Quiet Automatic Pencil Sharpener 

Pencils are always breaking in classrooms, and this antimicrobial, automatic pencil sharpener is every teacher’s dream! It is not only quiet while sharpening, and it stops when it senses the pencil is sharp. No student can spend too much time at the sharpener anymore. 

What Makes These Must Have Gadgets? 

There are so many gadgets out in the world today, but these 18 teacher gadgets are needed inside the classroom. Why? There are plenty of reasons.

  • Makes teaching the curriculum easier.
  • Saves teacher prep time.
  • Field trips are safer.
  • Students can interact with technology more.
  • Classroom management improvements.
  • Teachers’ lives are easier.

There are so many more reasons why teacher gadgets like the ones mentioned above are helpful to teachers. But one thing is for sure: a teacher needs to have some gadgets available. 

Teacher Gadgets Must Have

All of these tech gadgets for teachers have one thing in common. They are absolutely AWESOME! Teacher gadgets make a teacher’s job easier and even their life easier. These gadgets for teaching and learning are perfect for the classroom and are definitely must have gadgets for teachers! 

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