5 Ways to Encourage Smart Study Habits in Children

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It’s no secret that kids don’t like to do their homework! In fact, many of them probably would not do it at all if it weren’t for their parents. When children have good habits for studying, they are setting themselves up for a lifetime of success. We all want our children to succeed,  but we can’t do their schoolwork for them.  Developing good study habits takes work and committment. Here are 5 Ways to Encourage Smart Study Habits in Children.

Do your kids have good habits for studying? We have 5 tips to help your children develop effective study habits. When kids learn how to study effectively, they are setting themselves up for a lifetime of success. Set your student up for success with these smart study habits for children. #studyhabits #education #study #highschool

Identify the problem

Why is your student waiting until the last minute to study? The first thing you need to do is figure out why they have poor study habits in the first place. Do they lack the skills to complete their assignments? Are they too distracted by their environment? Or are they struggling to get things done because of something else? Talk with your child about their studying to understand where the problem lies before you try to fix something.

Some children have specific processing problems called learning disabilities that may affect their ability to study and learn. It’s important to understand and identify any learning concerns so that kids can develop confidence when they go to study.

Smart Study Habits for Kids

Make it fun!

Studying is not always fun, however, there are things you can do to make it more enjoyable for your kids. Instead of focusing on flashcards, why not try to incorporate their subjects into games and activities! Kids (and adults!) learn best when they use a variety of strategies to learn. 

There are so many ways that kids can learn. They may draw their study cards out with cartoons, they might create a song or a rhyme to remember a saying, or they might teach the subject to a friend. Find a way to get your children to engage with their subjects instead of having them flip through flashcards. This is not only going to encourage your kids to study more but will help make school more fun for them. 

Here at Teach Your Kids Code we have a variety of ways to make coding fun! Check out our unplugged coding activities and games that will make coding for kids a breeze.

Create a homework routine

Set up a time for homework in your home, and make all your kids sit down at the same time. This will keep them from pushing it until the last minute, and allow you time to help them with homework if you need to. The time is less important than making sure they stick to it consistently every single day.

Developing Good Study Habits

Teach them to break up studying into small chunks

One of the main reasons that they may struggle with studying is due to the amount of time they need to spend doing it. Teach your children to break up their studying into small 15 or 20 minute sessions to help make the task feel less overwhelming. Encourage them to ask questions and focus on smaller tasks instead of studying for a whole test at one time.

The Pomodoro Technique is a popular time management strategy that can help kids break up their studying and become more effective and efficient. In this technique, students will study for 25 minute chunks with a 5 minute break in-between.

Create a good study environment for your children

Having the right environment can help them buckle down and focus when the time comes. Create a place for them that is ideal for studying that doesn’t have any distractions. This might be the kitchen table, or somewhere that doesn’t have a TV nearby. The more distractions they have, the more likely they will be to procrastinate. Create a homework and study station for them in their bedroom so they can have everything in one place, but make sure there are no distractions.

There are also a variety of programs and apps that can help reduce distractions on social media and the internet. Check out these programs to reduce distractions while studying:

You don’t have to nag to get your kids to study! These five tips will help you change your children’s study habits so they can be more successful students.

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Don’t miss these 5 tips to help develop smart study habits in your children. Having effective study habits will give your children the confidence to succeed. Studying doesn’t have to be hard with these tried and tested study techniques. Encourage a love of learning with these study techniques. #education #studyhabits #teens #school

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