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Hour of Code in the Classroom

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The hour of code is a global movement aimed at getting young people learning the basics of computer sciences. Hour of Code week occurs in December of every year and educators from around the world are encouraged to plan lessons around coding for kids.

Here at Teach Your Kids code we have 12+ free coding activities for kids that you can incorporate into your hour of code week. Many of our activities are completely unplugged, and are aimed at getting students to ‘think like a computer’ rather than engage with a screen.

This year, we’ve created an Hour of Code curriculum, which consists of a set of worksheets aimed at teaching kids the basic concepts of coding. Our worksheets cover the concepts of: algorithms, sequence, branching, loops, variables, decomposition, and debugging. These basic concepts are fundamental to understanding computer programming.

Hour of Code Worksheets

Included in your Hour of Code worksheet sets:

  • Introduction to coding vocabulary
  • Individual worksheets that cover each coding concept:
    • Algorithms
    • Sequencing
    • Branch
    • Loops
    • Decomposition
    • Variables
    • Debugging
  • Answer sheets included for easy marking

Kindergarten Hour of Code Worksheets

Primary Grades Hour of Code Worksheets (Grades 1-3)

Junior Grades Hour of Code Worksheets (Grades 3-6)

Intermediate Grades Hour of Code Worksheets (Grades 7-8)

Hour of Code – All grade levels in one bundle

If you are looking to use these coding worksheets for multiple ages and stages then consider purchasing our bundle set.

PreK-Grade 8 sets included (4 sets).

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