Coding for Kids: 12+ Free Activities to Teach Kids Coding

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Teaching kids to code does not have to be daunting! It’s easy to teach coding for kids, even if you don’t have coding experience yourself. In fact, kids can learn computer science without even needing a screen!

Kids can learn to code by first understanding the basic concepts of coding. These coding concepts include algorithm, sequence, loops, branching and debugging.

Here are Teach Your Kids Code we’ve created 12+ free activities to get kids started with coding. Many of our free coding games are ‘unplugged’ and will teach coding concepts without a computer. Kids learn best with hands on activities, and these fun kids coding games will help kids learn coding in a creative way.

If you are looking for worksheets to supplement your students learning, check out our Hour of Code coding worksheets that are perfect for the classroom. We have worksheets geared for students of all ages on our blog.

Coding for Kids: 12+ Free Activities to Teach Kids Coding

It's easier than you think to get kids started with coding. These fun and free coding games are the perfect way to get started with coding at home or at school.

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  1. Thank you for providing knowledge that helps captive Brilliant young minds. With early introduction there is is no limitation in which they can obtain.

  2. That’s a great list of activities which you have shared to teach coding for kids. Perfect way to teach basic concepts of coding with the help of fun games. Such activities helps to develop their logical thinking as well as creative minds. Kids will definitely enjoy playing these games for long hours. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful blog with us.

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