Invent an App! An Unplugged Coding Activity for Kids

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Calling all inventors! Today we are sharing a fun offline activity to get your kids thinking about building their own app! App development is a field that is constantly growing. In fact, designing and building apps is one of the top reasons for learning to code. Mobile apps are made with a variety of programming languages. It’s now easier than ever to create your own apps with app builders such as the MIT App Inventor, Thunkable, and AppyPie.

For young kids age 7-12, starting out with an unplugged app building activity is a fun way to think about app design while still learning basic coding concepts. Once students have mastered the offline brainstorming needed to design an app, they can move towards building a simple app with a block-based app builder.

Our Invent an App worksheets include an introduction to the basic concepts of coding including algorithms, decomposition and sequencing. Students will use their creativity to design their own app logo and plan out the various steps in their app design.

Included in your worksheet set:

  • 6 pages of printable worksheets for ages 7+
  • Students will use pencils, coloured pencils, markers or crayons to draw their own app logo
  • Writing prompts to encourage students to determine how their app will function and what problems it will solve
  • An introduction to the concepts of algorithms, sequencing and decomposition
  • Students will design their own ‘app sequence’ and choose a common algorithm to use in their app

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  1. This is such a fun coding activity for kids. It would help them to learn and understand coding fundamentals very easily. Thanks for sharing and explaining it so well!

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