Learn about sequencing and algorithms in the pool!

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It’s summertime and that means it’s pool time around here! Our boys love to swim and one of their favorite activities is to search for ‘buried treasure’ in the pool. In this activity, kids get to hunt for treasure in the pool! Of course, I added a little STEM fun to teach our kids the important concepts of algorithms and sequencing.

This is a super fun way to learn sequencing! Teaching sequencing is easy with this coding unplugged activity for kids. Hop in the pool and have the kids give you an algorithm to find the buried treasure! An awesome coding activity for little kids. This activity teaches sequencing for kindergarten and sequencing for preschool. Pin this unique way to learn coding for later! #sequencingactivity #preschoolactivities #screenfreeactivities

This screen-free activity introduces some of the basic concepts of coding! You need to have the basics before you can understand how to use computer programs to program apps and programs.

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What is an Algorithm?

An algorithm refers to a set of step-by-step instructions for performing a task or solving a problem. In this activity, the ‘programmer’ will need to give the ‘robot’ a set of instructions to find the buried treasure in the pool.

What is a sequence?

A sequence refers to the order of steps in an algorithm. In order to get the buried treasure, the ‘programmer’ will have to give steps in the correct order. If the steps are out of order, the robot won’t’ find the treasure.

What you need?

How to play:

The programmer throws the ‘buried treasure’ (diving toy) in the water. The robot (parent or friend) has to follow the instructions of the programmer to find the treasure. The programmer gives the instructions one by one to start. e.g. Swim forward for 3 seconds, then turn left.

For an extra challenge, the programmer will need to give the entire ‘code’ or algorithm at once. If the robot lands in the wrong spot, the programmer will get a chance to ‘debug’ their code and try again!

That’s it! It really is that simple to introduce kids to coding!

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An awesome sequencing activity that is so simple and fun! Teaching sequencing is easy with this awesome ‘find the buried treasure’ water activity for little kids. A perfect sequencing activity for preschool or kindergarten age kids. Kids will learn how to code their parent to find the buried treasure. Kids will understand the concepts of sequencing and algorithms as part of this activity! A great screen free coding activity to help little kids learn coding fundamentals. #codingactivities



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