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7 STEM Subscriptions Boxes That Will Teach Your Kids Coding Skills

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I’ll be the first to admit that I am more than a little obsessed with monthly subscription boxes for kids. The idea is genius, and I love that I can have planned activities for the kids delivered to my doorstep. Of course, the stem subscription boxes for kids are my favorite, and we subscribe to an embarrassing number!

In this article, I’ll review the best monthly boxes for kids that will help them to learn skills important to coding. These monthly STEM kits are educational and fun! Coding is the perfect skill for your kids to pick up with monthly lessons.

If you are looking for other ways to get kids coding, check out our ultimate guide to coding for kids.

A subscription to a learning crate is the perfect way to get kids excited about STEM. There are so many options out there with crates that it might be overwhelming to choose. Here are some of the most popular learning crates that will teach them the fundamentals of coding, and experiencing their world in a whole new way.

Benefits of Kids Learning to Code

There are several benefits of your kids learning to code. Some of the benefits of learning to code include teaching kids to think critically. Kids will gain new perspectives and learn to problem-solve efficiently. The job demand for coding only keeps growing, let your kids have fun and create a potential future for themselves.

STEM Subscription Boxes: Final Thoughts

There are hundreds of great subscriptions out there for learning crates for your kids. These are a few of the popular ones out there that your children are sure to love. Which crates do you plan on getting your kids this summer to keep them busy besides video screens? What other subscription crates have you received in the past did your children enjoy most? Let me know in the comments below!

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