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Coding for 4 Year Olds: Teaching the Basics of Programming to Kids

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What is Coding and Why is it Important?

Coding is a way to tell a computer what to do. A computer code is a set of an arbitrary series of letters, numbers, or symbols that are grouped together in order to achieve a specific result.

Coding is quickly changing the way we learn and teach. With coding, students can explore their creativity and bring concepts to life in the form of a website or app. They can develop their problem solving skills by manipulating text, sound, images and more.

In a world that is increasingly becoming more and more digital, it is important to learn how to code. Coding is the language of the web and will be used in many aspects of our future jobs. Now is a great time to start learning how to code!

Coding for 4 Year Olds: Is It Possible?

Teaching kids to code is a tough task, and it’s not realistic to expect a 4 year old to be able to start designing apps or writing code.

One great way to introduce coding to four-year-olds is through unplugged coding activities. These are engaging and fun and the perfect start for kids in learning the basics of coding.

You’re never too young or old to learn the basics of coding!

The Benefits of Coding for Kids

Learning how to code will help kids grow up to be more creative problem solvers, which will open the door for many different types of careers, not just those related to coding. There are so many benefits of learning to code!

As the world continues to rapidly transform into one that requires new skillsets, children who are taught how to code in their youth will have a significant advantage when they enter the workforce.

Introducing Kids to Programming Without Screens

There are challenges when introducing children to the world of coding. For one thing, the complex syntax can be difficult for beginners to understand. Young children also lack the motor skills necessary to type on a keyboard or touch a screen confidently enough to actually write code themselves. This is where unplugged coding comes in handy!

Unplugged coding is an approach that does not require any technical devices at all – instead, it uses physical materials like LEGO, dice, grids and other household items to teach the basics of coding.

Coding Vocabulary To Know

If you’re going to teach a four-year-old to code, you’ll first need to understand some coding vocabulary. These basic concepts of coding are the foundation of the unplugged activities included on our site.

Algorithm: A set of instructions for solving a problem. 

Sequence: A set of instructions that must be completed in a certain order.

Decomposition: The breaking down of a large task into smaller tasks that are easier to manage. 

Loops: A way to execute code repetitively.

How to Teach a Four-Year-Old to Code

Many parents are eager to teach their children how to code, but they may not know where to start. In this guide, I will show you how a 4 year old can learn the basics of coding.

Step 1: Tickle their Imaginations with Simple Unplugged Coding Activities

Unplugged coding activities are a way for children and adults to explore the fundamentals of computer programming. Here are some unplugged coding activities that are perfect for four year olds!

Step 2: Download a simple coding app and make screen time more educational

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that children learn better when they are using technology in innovative ways. One way to do this is by installing a simple coding app on their device and taking advantage of the many educational possibilities.

Our favourite coding apps for four year olds:

Hopster Coding Safari

Platform: IOS

Ages: 2 years old and up

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Learn More:

Coding safari is a unique coding app that can teach children as young as two years old the fundamentals of coding! With a focus on pre-coding skills like problem solving, decomposition and computational thinking, Coding safari is engaging and educational. We love this game for the littles coders on your list!

Download on the App Store

Code Karts

Platform: IOS and Android

Ages: 3-5 years old

Cost: Free + $1.99 upgrade

Learn More:

Code Kart is all about racing cars around a custom made track. Pre-readers use the drag and drop method to build tracks using color matching in the first 10 levels. With the $1.99 upgrade you’ll open 60 more levels that build upon each other.

Code Karts is a huge hit with my two sons. They have no idea that they are learning to code and think playing this game is a huge ‘treat’ It is simple and intuitive, both of my boys were learning to play if before they could read.

Download on the App Store

Step 3: Solidify skills with our preschool coding worksheets

We have a collection of code worksheets for preschoolers. These will introduce children to the basics of coding syntax, and teach them the fundamentals of programming.

Having fun with coding is important, which is why we get kids engaged with fun activities while taking their first steps into computer science.

Hour of Code Kindergarten Printable

Computational Thinking Kindergarten Printables

Summer Kindergarten Coding Printable

Spring Kindergarten Coding Printable

Winter Kindergarten Coding Printable

Fall Kindergarten Coding Printable

Conclusion – The Importance of Teaching Children Coding

We need to teach children the importance of coding and how it can be a tool for creative expression. The more we teach children about coding, the more they will learn to understand how technology works and how they can use it to better their lives.

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